Hooponopono to improve our couple relationship Adolfo Pérez Agusti



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Hooponopono to improve our couple relationship  by  Adolfo Pérez Agusti

Hooponopono to improve our couple relationship by Adolfo Pérez Agusti
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When two people decide to come together and share their lives, they do it initially and sometimes continuously, to improve their lives, to meet their needs and, if possible, to be happier. It is like an emotional investment for oneself. But with this idea, is difficult for us to realize that the happiness of this person who is with us and who we have taken part of the previous life, is now our responsibility.

The wrong words that is your problem are repeated too often.Fortunately, the emergence of a therapy based on Ho´oponopono, changes radically this concept of meeting our own needs by meeting the needs of the couple, a new universe that we will have created voluntarily.

Since no one is forced to live as a couple, if we do, the I must be changed by the YOU and, consequently, by the WE.What began as a simple way to solve conflicts between people, has now reached the status of a therapy to remove ballasts of the past and rebuild our future. And perhaps this last attribute is what makes the Hooponopono so exciting.

We can design our becoming according to our desires, because someone out there can help us to remodel it to our liking.

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